• Deja vu

    Deja vu

    As the name indicates, the Déja vu looks and feels like something you have experienced before. The design is inspired by the old ac0ustics, but this slim all gold baby … Continue reading ...

  • Bel Canto

    Bel Canto

    Bel Canto The Bel Canto has a classy yet unique look, but is by no means a copy of any guitar in existence. The approach to this sleek body design, … Continue reading ...

  • Chordette


    The asymmetric outline and cool retro look, sure can bring you back in time. But the Chordette is all new to this world, and ready for someone to make their … Continue reading ...

  • Satora


    A new version of the Satora is now available. Please be patient while the web pages are updated. A subtle mix of Rock’n Roll and Metal, the Satora is the … Continue reading ...

  • Riffmeister


    The Riffmeister feature details like KorinaBody woo, Maple Neck with Rosewood fretboard, Long Neck Tenon, Graphite Nut, and Wilkinson hardware. With its sleek neoclassical shape, and comfortable back and forearm … Continue reading ...


Ronnie Nebelung

Welcome to the world of Nebelung Guitars!

Located in Horten, Norway, the last ten years my main focus has been designing and developing a wide range of original quality instruments. Some models will be custom made. Others are built by one of the best companies in the business.

When working on a new model, I always start from scratch, and strive to find a unique shape. I find absolutely no pleasure in copying something already in existence. By all means, I know my guitar-history, and have not grown up in a vacuum. Personally, I find the “recycling of old design and image exercise” executed by so many, plain boring. To be honest, I find them just as interesting as most cover bands.

In my world, choosing the same instrument as my father, won’t make me stand out as neither unique, independent or creative. In many ways the instrument you use, reflects the originality of the music you play.

Nebelung Guitars won’t give you the comfort, ease and share pleasure of belonging. That of course, can only be supplied by the multimillion dollar companies. Here, it’s all about guitars.

Sincerely, Ronnie Nebelung