December 3, 2012  

Dear guitarist, bass player, musician, or whoever you are

Ronnie Nebelung

Dear guitarist, bass player, musician, or whoever you are,

I am proud to finally show you the result of many years of hard work.

I will add more guitar models, videos, pictures, thoughts and other news on the page as often as possible. This will hopefully inspire you to drop by every now and then.

As pr. today, Nebelung Guitars have more than 15 different guitar- and bass models, more or less ready to be put into production. Hopefully, some day you will be able to choose between a whole range of production models, at a price level that suits your needs. Because of the amount of money involved in mass-producing instruments, many of the models you will find on this web page in the near future, will be handmade one-off’s only. But rest for sure; mass production hi quality instruments people can afford is my goal.

Follow Nebelung Guitars from the start, join in the battle, and help spread the rumor of this small Norwegian company. Please feel free to visit the Nebelung Guitars Facebook page, and give your support to something that may become one of the more interesting things that have happened in the guitar business for many years.

I will use this opportunity to give my special thanks to Michael Råknes, Eirik Aspaas, Henrik Kihlstrand, Daniel Cutmore, “Robbe” Madsen and everybody who have helped me make this web page become a reality.