Q: Where can I check out your instruments?

A: Well, if you live in Norway, you can either visit my shop located in Horten, or we can arrange to send you the guitar for you to check out.

If you live outside Norway, you must buy the instrument, and return it if you for some (strange) reason shouldn’t like it. You must pay for the return.

Q: Can I order one of your guitars in a custom color?

A: That depends. My minimum order to the factory is 12 guitars pr. color. So it will probably take ten years if you want the Riffmeister in green burst..

Q: Can you make custom changes to an existing model, to suit my needs?

A: Yes, within reason. Please contact Nebelung Guitars with your needs.

Q: I am a professional musician. Can I get a Nebelung sponsorship?

A: Nebelung Guitars have a few different levels of sponsorship. If you are currently touring and supported by a label, you could be qualified for an artist discount. Please send all pertinent information, including scheduled tour dates, TV appearances, website, label information, press kit and CD to Nebelung Guitars email address:

Q: I have seen a slightly different looking Nebelung Riffmeister. What is this?

A: This is the first generation Riffmeister. Produced in a total of 120 pcs.

Q: How can I date my 1st. generation Riffmeister?

A: First two numbers is year, second pair is month, third pair is date, and forth pair is batch code.

Q: Can you build me a one-off guitar!

A: Yes, I can if I have the time. I only build my own design. Please remember; Norway is a hi-cost land!

Q: Do you plan to make electric basses?

A: Yes, there are several models on the drawingboard.

Q: I have heard rumors that you do excellent re-fret jobs. Can you re-fret my guitar or do a full set up?

A: Usually not, because I simply don’t have the time. But you can always ask…

Q: Does Nebelung Guitars come with a warranty?

A: Yes, three years limited warranty to the original owner.

Q: Does Nebelung Guitars come with a case?

A: No, cases are extra. Sorry. This is to keep prices as low as possible.